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Voted best in Clark County 2019-top rated for the BBB in Clark county, Wa as well
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If your seeking work from Washington, most my customers have meet my long time friend Dan Haag, not only did we grow up together, he was the best journeyman on my crew. You can see many reviews that have his name in it. You will also see reviews with Eddies name in them as well. These guys helped Alvis Electrical grow and become what it was. Without them we would not have won Clark Counties Best 2019, they also went threw the Tesla training with us. So for existing and future customers they can be reached at our Wa, office phone line (360)256-5566. Since I moved they will be taking care of my existing and new customers as Clark County Electrical. Many of my past customers most likely had one of these two guys on there job and they can continue the great work they did for Alvis Electrical Inc. under the new business name ** For the Seeley Lake area, Alvis Electrical Inc. will soon be doing business as Seeley Lake Electric. This site will soon be offline or moved back to Washington and my main site will be in our small community it’s currently just me, so you will get me, Alvis(AJ) Miller, from the first call to the completion of the job. I'm a master electrician with 18 years of experience. No call is to small, but some may be to big as its currently just me helping the beautiful Seeley Lake area. With time I hope to hire an apprentice to help work with me. I’m currently working with the state to get my masters in the state of Montana, so as of right now I’m only a licensed, insured and bonded general contractor till I complete my masters test. This site as well as site will be updated as soon the licensing situation changes. As long as I have been in the trade I’ve built skills in many other trades as well, so don’t hesitate to give me a call. Thank you for your understanding, Our online booking is currently disabled, so reaching out to me via, text or call is the best way to reach, please leave a message if I don't answer as I don't always have service. thank you and much love to the Seeley Lake community.

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"Fabulous job completed by competent, knowledgeable, hospital and helpful guys!! What a delightful experience, and at a great price!!!!!"

Mark R

Vancouver , Wa

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